Project status

The project is currently under heavy development and an alpha version will be available within a few days (less than 30 days).
This is not Microsoft Office!. Don't expect it to be a clone of Microsoft Office or of Libre Office.
This is a first version developed by one person during 30 days.

The goal is also not to create a clone of Microsoft office.

One of the first goal is for companies to be able to use it for specific documents as the software can easily be changed to fit the need of the document and deployed online. Joeffice is written in Java and based on modules and plug-ins that can be easily downloaded and updated.

The second goal is to build a community of developers, students and early adapters that also believes that it's possible to create a better office software.

The ultimate goal is to be more productive when opening or editing documents. For example Joeffice has a better window management system, you can easily find documents, add them to favorites, find options or actions.

Some errors and missing features are due at the moment to bug and missing features of the Apache POI library used to read and manipulate Office documents. You are encourage to participate in this project.


  • Please read the license (Apache License, Version 2.0) before downloading Joeffice.


Joeffice contains no virus and no adware.